Production project

Essential oil of Patchouli

Since 2015, the ELAGA company has set up the project to promote entrepreneurship through the cooperative by introducing irrigation and a new commercial crop in the south of Burundi, oriented on the cultivation of Patchouli and its transformation into exportable essential oils. In the implementation of this project, ELAGA has 4 implementing partners, namely: the provinces of MAKAMBA and RUMONGE which are in charge of community mobilization, the NGO Agape-BURUNDI which is in charge of sensitization and capacity building of the beneficiary communities of the project and the Wageningen/WENR University of the Netherlands, which is in charge of the technical assistance component and the PIP approach as well as the research component on Patchouli cultivation in collaboration with the ISABU and the ONCCS.

Key points

Patchouli Plantation

Patchouli plantations of at least 350 hectares in Nyanza-lac have already been established and extensions to Rumonge are planned to reach a total of 1’000 hectares by the end of 2022.


Design and implementation of an irrigation system for at least 1’000 ha of irrigated land at various patchouli production sites in Nyanza-Lac and Rumonge.

Recycling system

Hot water from the distillation plant is stored in large tanks to lower its temperature and then reused in the same plant for good water management.

Patchouli Oil

Extracted from the leaves of the Patchouli plant, Patchouli essential oil has many uses and benefits for the mind and body. The patchouli oil produced at ELAGA is intended for export to international markets.


Une recherche sur la culture de patchouli est en cours à MUSATWE par l’Institut Agronomique du Burundi (ISABU) en collaboration avec Wageningen University Research. La culture de patchouli mise dans différentes conditions est surveillée depuis la pépinière.

Oil distillation

The distillation plant of essential oils of Patchouli is functional with an excellent output.