Our objectives

For 10 years

The company Elaga created since 2012 has as main objectives the fight against poverty and malnutrition through the development of rural communities.

It is in this perspective that Elaga has initiated its two flagship projects, namely the production of essential oil of Patchouli as well as the creation of a very modern fish farming value chain.

Our commitments


Mobilize the rural world and gather the available resources of the most appropriate and innovative technology to revolutionize the production system of the primary sector of Burundi for a sustainable global economy.


To become a national reference for the development of the rural world by modernizing key sectors such as agriculture, livestock and aquaculture.


Our projects

Essential oil of Patchouli

Elaga produces essential oil extracted directly from Patchouli, which is a tropical plant of the Lamiaceae family.

Modern fish farming

Elaga has established a fish farming program to address the problems of malnutrition in the country.

IHURIRO Cooperative

The Ihuriro cooperative is a cooperative of patchouli producers whose production is sold directly to the latter.

The only way to get there is to act!

The IHURURO cooperative is becoming more and more visible in the community.



hectares conserved





99.99 %

of success


2000 MW

of solar energy