More than 10 years of existence

About us

We are a Burundian company

For 10 years

The company Elaga created since 2012, is a company working in Burundi in the fish farming and agro-industrial sector for the development of key sectors such as agriculture, livestock and aquaculture.

Elaga's main objectives are to fight against poverty and malnutrition through the development of rural communities.

It is in this perspective that Elaga has initiated its two flagship projects, namely the production of essential oil of Patchouli as well as the creation of a very modern fish farming value chain.

Social responsibility

The Elaga Company must carefully observe its Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Policy (CRS Policy) by respecting these points:

preserve the environment

develop social relations between
all stakeholders

create added value in a
sustainable way

What is the Patchouli ?

Patchouli is a tropical plant of the Lamiaceae family. It is cultivated for its essential oil, which is of great monetary value on the international market. With its plantations that will reach 1’000 ha by the end of this year, Elaga expects to produce a quantity of essential oil extracted from the patchouli leaves that will reach 20’000 liters over a period of one year.

Our fish breeding program

In order to address the problem of malnutrition, which remains one of the major challenges in the country, Elaga has instituted a fish farming program. The fish farming practiced in this framework is very promising since it ranks among the best in the sub-region, and the fish per year produce a large quantity of fry, that is to say 5’000’000 fry.

Two innovative projects...

These two important and innovative projects in Burundi to address poverty and malnutrition will contribute to the development of rural communities based on the vision of cooperative association.

To date, more than 4’000 patchouli-growing households are part of cooperatives that provide them with support to produce and sell and to save and benefit from credit through microfinance.

For the fish farming project, 4’400 households practicing fish farming will be distributed in 75 cooperatives, in the 5 provinces where Elaga is expanding, namely: Gitega, Bubanza, Cibitoki, Ngozi and Karuzi.