Our modern fish farm

oriented towards the local market in Burundi

Achieving results

More than 7’000 rural households directly benefiting from the project will be grouped into 75 fish production cooperatives and trained in modern fish farming oriented towards the local market, with particular emphasis on the technical and administrative skills required to set up, maintain and operate a modern fish pond in a rational manner.

A modern piscicultural complex

established in NYANZA-LAC with 5 departments, including:

75 fish ponds

75 community fish ponds established in the 5 provinces where the project is extended (GITEGA, NGOZI, CIBITOKE BUBANZA and KARUSI), well maintained and rationally exploited by the 75 fish farming cooperatives to be created under the technical and administrative supervision of the modern fish farming complex of NYANZA-LAC

PIP approach

At least 5 centers for sensitization of the beneficiary population with the PIP approach “MBONIYONGANA” under the auspices of the partner WENR/WEGENINGEN University and training on the themes: management of fish ponds, fish health and management of fish food stocks will be erected in at least the 5 main production areas.

Sale of fish

Establishment of an effective and efficient collection, transportation, processing, conservation and marketing mechanism for the sale of fish in case of fish overproduction.