Welcoming remarks

Since its creation ELAGA has been firmly committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility policy. In the country, ELAGA is committed to address societal and environmental challenges associated with its business, to create a virtuous circle for the benefit of its "ecosystem": collaborators, customers, partners and local communities. And, while creating value for ELAGA activities. ELAGA is working to preserve environment, for example by minimizing its energy and water consumption, or by continuously enhancing the standards of construction and renovation. ELAGA is also working to develop relationships that benefit all of its stakeholders. Therefore ELAGA trains its collaborators and raises awareness of its clients in the fight against prostitution, supports local economy through agricultural projects or sale of fair trade products, or supports its suppliers in their efforts to progress. Finally, ELAGA innovates in its practices and models to create sustainable value. It seeks to support ecologically new green technologies. ELAGA experiments new more sustainable economic models, like composters that transform organic waste into fertilizer for farmers, thus illustrating a circular economy system. This range of actions and commitments has enabled to improve the impacts of ELAGA, fora development that always combines social, societal and environmental responsibility.