Patchouli plantations of at least 1000 ha

Patchouli crops .

Ihuriro Cooperative head office

Patchouli Distilation factory

Buildings of the Patchouli essential oil distilation

Buildings of the Patchouli essential oil distilation

Welcome to ELAGA

ELAGA is a company created to contribute to sustainable development of the country through implementation of several economic activities. Since its inception, ELAGA has straightly specialized itself in rural development, environment, irrigation, agriculture, livestock, project assessment, rehabilitation, safe drinking water supply and sanitation, hydro-agricultural projects, land use planning and training.

Our achievements

Studies carried out through our own network of more than 100 consultants and engineers

Feasibility studies and a detailed design undertaken and a report on the hydro plan for the hydroelectric project of Mpanda river.

Design and construction of hydroelectric dams.