Our Achievement

Feasibility studies and a detailed design undertaken and a report on the hydro plan for the hydroelectric project of Mpanda river.

Design studies and equipment supply, construction supervision, and monitoring of socio-environmental action plans for important constructions

Potable water supply for the hatchery and electrical connection of MUSATWE Fish Farm Complex are being completed.

The electrical connections are currently being made to supply electricity to our 2 centers.

Patchouli plantations of at least 200 developed hectares have already been set up and extensions are planned.

Fertilization experiments for the Patchouli crops, with partnership of ISABU, WENR and ELAGA s.a.

the Patchouli essential oil distillation plant have already been completed, and at least 90% of the distillation equipment is being installed.The capacity of 150 liters of essential oil

The IHURURO cooperative is becoming more and more visible in the community

The Ihuriro cooperative is now operational and is equipped with a new settled administrative and head office in Nyanza-Lac.